Acrovyn SM20 Corner Guard Complete (4m)

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The SM20 Corner Guard is our most popular corner guard profile, featuring a continuous aluminium retainer and a free floating Acrovyn® cover offering severe duty protection for 90° corners.

  • Dimensions: 76mm x 76mm
  • Fixings: max. 400mm staggered centres

NOTE: SM20 will be supplied in 4 metre stock lengths, if you plan on cutting the profile down, you will need to increase the number of end caps you order below or in the basket. A complete profile requires 2 end caps (top and bottom).

The configurator below is configuring a 1x 4 metre SM20 Corner Guard Profile. i.e. if you then increase the number underneath the configuration area, it will multiply your configuration by that number.

For example if you are purchasing 5x 4 metre lengths and are planning on cutting each length into 1 metre corner guards, you should select your colour, and increase the end caps to 8. Then increase the number next to “add to cart” to 5. This will ensure you get the correct number of end caps for your order.

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  • protect vulnerable wall corners from damage
  • effective against trolleys, beds and more
  • avoid wall damage and cut maintenance costs
  • adjustable top and bottom End Caps
  • cut to required size from stock lengths
  • free floating cover flexes upon impact

Spare Parts & Components

  • Acrovyn SM20 Cover (4m)

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  • Acrovyn SM20 End Cap

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